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Daniel Donovan
Mr. Donovan is a very experienced lawyer with many years in this courtroom and other courtrooms around Montana. He works almost exclusively criminal law, so he’s a good person to have on your side. —United States District Judge Brian Morris
Mr. Donovan has been recognized as one of the senior criminal defense counsel in Montana.
And he is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer. —Senior United States District Judge Charles C. Lovell
A very accomplished criminal defense lawyer ... extraordinarily competent ...
a remarkable attorney ... one of the premier defense lawyers in the state. —United States District Judge Donald W. Molloy
I've watched a lot of people work, and Donovan's integrity is just beyond reproach ...
whatever he does, he'll go right to the wall ... and if I'm wrong, he takes it to the World Court. He does everything he's supposed to do. —The Late Honorable Paul G. Hatfield
I, from the beginning, have appreciated your straight-forward style and professionalism, and would not have gotten through this situation as smoothly as I have without you. —Client Testimonial
Thank you so much for all you did to help me get through my horrible ordeal ...
I greatly appreciate all that you did. —Client Testimonial
We just wanted to thank you for the help with [our son] ...
You gave [him] confidence and an open door when he needed it ... You may think you were just doing your job but you went above the call and we feel lucky we met you. —Client Testimonial
I just want to say thank you for everything, especially
the encouraging words during less than hopeful periods. —Client Testimonial
I would like you thank you for all the support you have given to my family and me.
We couldn't have gotten through all those troubling times without your support. —Client Testimonial
Thank you for your part in helping [my son] along life's road. —Client Testimonial
Thank you for all your help. Everything turned out better than I had ever hoped for.
I don't know what we would have done without you. —Client Testimonial
In my opinion, [Daniel Donovan] is an excellent attorney. —Chief United States District Judge Dana L. Christensen
[Daniel Donovan is] unusually experienced and capable. —Retired United States Magistrate Keith Strong
I have to tell you that it's very meaningful for me just to be able to read your reply brief. It is truth to power. I'm very grateful for your diligent application of your obvious skills. —Client Testimonial
I appreciate your professional help and support for [my son]. As unfair as any prison time seems for him, I am sure it is because of you that he did not get a longer sentence. We will never be able to repay you. Thanks again for everything. —Client Testimonial

Daniel Donovan brings a high level of experience, skill, dedication, and concern to his clients and their families.

Educated at one of the finest universities in the world, he has been practicing law out of Great Falls for over 40 years. Donovan has appeared in State and Federal courts throughout the State of Montana. He frequently briefs and argues cases in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. In 1996 and 1997, Donovan argued and won a case before the United States Supreme Court. He was recently appointed by Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Sidney Thomas as an Appellate Lawyer Representative, a group of approximately 20 appellate attorneys chosen as representing the very best in the field of appellate advocacy.

Dan Donovan arguing case in front of the Supreme Court
Daniel Donovan arguing a case in front of the Supreme Court, 1996.